What does Janus do?

Janus International Group (“Janus”) is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of turnkey solutions for self-storage, commercial and industrial buildings, providing products that include roll-up and swing doors, hallway systems, relocatable storage units, and technologies for automating facility and door operation.

Janus offers Nokē® Smart Entry, an electronic smart locking system that fits seamlessly to both roll-up and swing doors and is designed to improve the security of individual self-storage units while also benefitting facility owners by automating the lock check and overlocking process. This is one of many steps Janus is taking to combine its best in class self-storage offerings with new and innovative technologies to redefine the total self-storage experience.

Janus focuses on two primary markets, providing building solutions to the self-storage industry and the broader commercial industrial market. Janus is an integral component in its customer’s success. The company’s solutions integrate with every phase of a project’s life span, from facility planning/design services, to construction and technology, to restore-rebuild-replace services provided for damaged or end-of-life products.

Where are the headquarters for Janus located?

Headquarters for Janus are at 135 Janus International Blvd., Temple, GA 30179.

Who are the executives and board of directors for Janus?

Biographies of Janus executive management can be found here.

Biographies of Janus board of directors can be found here.

When does Janus’ fiscal year end?

Janus operates on a modified reporting cycle that uses a structure of four weeks, four weeks and five weeks for the months of each quarter. As such, the fiscal year end may vary, but will generally be near the calendar year-end.

When did Janus publicly list their shares?

Janus began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in June 2021.

What is the stock symbol for Janus and on what exchange are the shares listed?

Janus is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “JBI.”

How can I purchase Janus’s shares?

Janus’s common shares can be purchased in the open market through any registered broker.

Does Janus pay a dividend?

Janus does not currently pay any dividends on its common shares. The declaration, amount and payment of any future dividends on its common shares will be at the sole discretion of its board of directors.

Who is Janus’s transfer agent and what is their contact information?

Janus’s transfer agent is Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company. Continental can be reached at the following phone number: 212.509.4000 or by email at: cstmail@continentalstock.com.

How do I contact Janus’s Investor Relations department with a question or request?

Sara Macioch, Senior Director of Investor Relations
T: 770-562-6399
E: IR@janusintl.com

How do I get added to Janus’s email distribution list?

Please click here.

How can I work for Janus?

We have many exciting opportunities to join our team. Please find information on current openings here.

I am a member of the media. How do I get in touch with Janus?

You can contact our public affairs team at here.

Who is Janus’s auditor?

KPMG, LLP has served as the company’s auditor since 2024.